Press releases

Document Date
2CRSi receives significant follow-up order from oil & gas customer 2021/10/07
2CRSi – Minutes of the Combined General Meeting of 31 August 2021 2021/09/23
Annual General Meeting on August 31, 2021 – Availability of the supporting documents 2021/08/10
Availability of the 2020-2021 Universal Registration Document 2021/07/28
2CRSi awarded new contract by oil & gas customer for energy-efficient HPC servers 2021/07/07
Availability of the 2020-2021 annual financial report 2021/07/02
Final consolidated annual results 2020-2021 2021/06/30
Estimated 2020-2021 consolidated annual results 2021/06/15
Postponement of the release of 2020-21 annual results 2021/05/27
2CRSi to establish tech campus and green datacenter in Rouses Point, New York 2021/05/17
Update on Blades situation, with the takeover bid by Octave and Miroslaw Klaba 2021/05/03
Consolidated revenue for fiscal year 2020-2021: 163,8M€ 2021/04/29
2CRSi selected in the “Industry recovery plan – strategic sectors” call for projects 2021/04/14
Cryptocurrency and HPC specialist EdgeMode chooses 2CRSi green high performance servers 2021/03/31
Additional information about Blade 2021/03/11
Information following the initiation of the receivership procedure of Blade SAS: revised revenue target for 2020/21: 162M€-175M€ 2021/03/03
2021/2022 financial communication calendar 2021/02/26
Success of the 2CRSi Group in CERN’s latest calls for tender with contracts worth over 15M$ 2021/02/15
2CRSi signs an important first contract with one of the world’s leading banking groups 2021/02/11
2CRSi to contribute to European digital sovereignty 2021/01/29
2CRSi supplies computing power to fintech specialist Coin Citadel for close to 6M$ 2020/12/23
Availability of the half-year financial report 2020/21 2020/12/04
First half 2020/21 results 2020/12/01
go2cloud chooses 2CRSi as preferred partner to provide High Performance Computing servers 2020/11/24
OVHcloud teams up with 2CRSi for its Asian data centers 2020/10/13
Revenue for the first half of 2020/21 2020/10/13
Minutes of the Combined General Meeting of 25 September 2020 2020/10/09
Appointment of a new independent Director to the Board of Directors 2020/10/09
2CRSi secures a State-guaranteed loan of ca. €10M 2020/09/29
2CRSi’s Annual General Meeting of September 25, 2020 will exceptionally be held in camera 2020/09/03
Availability of the 2019/20 Universal Registration Document 2020/08/31
Final annual results 2019/2020, pro forma earnings +18% in Q1 2020-21. Reaffirmation of objectives 2020/07/30
Estimated annual results 2019/2020: a pivotal year… 2020/07/08
2CRSi to conquer the United States and Asia with the recruitment of Wally Liaw as President 2020/06/05
2CRSi and Linkoffice sign a contract for a total of 6.5M€ 2020/05/27
2CRSi backs Gamestream’s capital increase 2020/05/19
2CRSi extends its position in Asia with the creation of a subsidiary in Singapore. Modification of the financial calendar 2020/05/13
Confirmed order of €24.9M Cash of €10.6M as of April 20, 2020. Confidence reaffirmed 2020/04/27
2019/2020 pro forma revenue: €144.6M – Update on the COVID-19 crisis 2020/03/30
2020 financial communication calendar 2020/03/05
Expected impact of the closure of several Asian factories as a result of COVID-19 2020/02/26
2CRSi chosen by Blade for a €25M investment 2020/01/24
Change in the closing date of the financial year 2019/12/19
2CRSi finalises the acquisition of Boston Limited 2019/12/05
Purchase of 2CRSi shares: directors renew their confidence 2019/11/20
2CRSi selected for the launch of Sunrise’s “Game Cloud” gaming service 2019/11/18
Acquisition of Boston Limited: 2CRSi speeds up its commercial roll-out towards international growth 2019/11/14
Acquisition of shares in the capital of Blade: boosting the partnership and 2CRSi’s position in the Cloud Computing sector 2019/10/29
2CRSi Management’s reaction to the share price drop 2019/10/17
Together with Airbus and Submer Technologies, 2CRSi wins a very high-performance server contract for a European anti-crime agency 2019/09/26
2019: a pivotal year to change dimension: H1 results reflecting the ongoing transformation 2019/09/24
2CRSi appoints Marie de Lauzon as Deputy CEO to support its strong growth 2019/09/02
2CRSi’s ULYS24: the CERN’s preferred storage solution 2019/07/17
2CRSi brings its first contribution to the Open Compute Project (OCP) global Community 2019/06/17
Full-year 2018 results: net income of €3.69M 2019/04/25
2CRSi and VCINITY Announce Joint Partnership 2019/04/23
2018 EBITDA margin rate of 9.4% or €6.1M (estimated financial data) 2019/03/26
2CRSi supports the launch of Gamestream with its very high-performance servers 2019/03/18
2CRSi: collective undertaking to retain listed shares issued by the company 2019/03/14
2018 revenue multiplied by 2.1 to €65M 2019/02/28
2CRSi and “SNB Middle East” announce a distribution agreement 2019/01/21
2CRSi announces its financial calendar for 2019 2019/01/09
2CRSi : attribution d’une prime « Macron » (in french Only) 2018/12/14
Asperitas and 2CRSi Announce Immersed Computing® Partnership 2018/10/18
2CRSi joins the Open Compute Project as a Platinum member 2018/10/08
2CRSi announces its 1st half 2018 results 2018/09/27
2CRSi confirms the broad success of its IPO with the full exercise of the Greenshoe option 2018/07/05
2CRSi announces the broad success of its IPO on Euronext Paris 2018/06/21
2CRSi launches IPO on Euronext’s regulated market in Paris 2018/06/11
2CRSi announces the registration of its document de base as part of its planned IPO on Euronext 2018/05/28
2CRSi awarded new contract by oil & gas customer for energy-efficient HPC servers