About 2CRSI

A technology Group at the heart of the data revolution

• A $153 billion market opportunity, driven by the explosion of Big Data, the Cloud, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and the Blockchain.
• High-performance products and solutions that combine energy savings, speed and power, offering an optimized cost of ownership for the Group’s customers.
• Recognized technological expertise adopted by renowned customers at the forefront of their industries (CGG, OVH, Airbus Defence, Dassault Aviation, CEA, CERN etc.)
• Leading technology partners (Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Micron, Solidigm, Samsung, Western Digital, etc.)

Latest financial performance

During the fiscal year 2021/22, 2CRSi achieved consolidated revenues of €183.6 million. This increase of 12.4% compared to the previous fiscal year was achieved despite an unfavorable base effect related to the bankruptcy of its main customer, the company Blade (revenues of €17.9 million in 2020/21), which occurred at the beginning of the fiscal year (March 2, 2021).

In addition, the Group’s worldwide expansion has continued with the opening of a new subsidiary in Canada in 2021. The international or more precisely “multi-local” dimension of 2CRSi makes it possible to face global geopolitical difficulties: “France” revenues now represent only 13% of total activity (compared to 16% last year) and the Group’s top 10 clients now account for only 35% of revenues (compared to 43% in 2020/21). The proportion of revenues generated in the countries where the Group is established is 79%.

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Financial perspectives 2023-2027

The 2CRSi Group reaffirms its ability to achieve strong growth in revenues, ranging from €200 million in 2023 to €400 million in 2027. This growth should automatically be accompanied by an improvement in the level of profitability compared to last year.

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A $153bn market, driven by the explosion of the very high-speed internet and data generation

By designing very high performance computer servers, 2CRSi addresses a considerable market linked to the explosion of Big Data, the Cloud, artificial intelligence, the Blockchain, and the Internet of Things, generating ever-increasing needs for processing power, storage capacity and transfer speed. By 2025, the global volume of data generated is expected to increase tenfold to 163 Zettabytes, or 1021 bytes. This market is estimated to be worth $153 billion by 2030.

Very high-performance products and solutions combining energy savings, speed and power

2CRSi’s unique turnkey solutions combine power, speed, energy savings and artificial intelligence to meet the economic and environmental challenges of the new digital revolution. These solutions are designed to optimize the overall cost of ownership of these products by reducing the amount of electricity required to operate them, the amount of heat generated, and consequently, the energy consumption required to cool them. 2CRSi’s latest generation of servers allows a 23% reduction in power consumption compared to equivalent systems.

2CRSi has a Research & Development team as well as an Applied Research department and a network of first-rate partners, which enables it to have and acquire computer components several months before they are officially released on the market. The manufacturers of these components recognize its technological expertise, in particular Intel Corporation (the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductors), where 2CRSi is among the top 100 customers, and Samsung.

The company’s customers also include major research centers such as the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and CERN, as well as prestigious universities such as the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the University of California San Diego (UCSD), Northwestern University (NU) and the University of Strasbourg.

Technological expertise that has been recognised and adopted by well-known customers who are leaders in their industries

2CRSi has a large and diversified customer base composed of more than 1,200 clients who are leaders in their markets, such as OVH, CGG, SOGITEC, the Brain Institute, etc.

This recognition of competence also leads us to participate in collaborative research projects often initiated by renowned institutions such as the European Community or the Ministry of Economy, such as the EuPilot or ReNesens projects.

Today, 2CRSi is recognized not only for the performance of its computing servers but also for its mastery and experience in the 3 cooling technologies: Air, Water (Direct Liquid Cooling) and Immersion.

Headquartered in Strasbourg, France, and with factories in 7 countries, 20 offices on all continents, and subsidiaries in Manchester, Dubai and San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley in the United States, 2CRSi markets its products in more than 45 countries. The Group intends to further expand its geographical presence by penetrating new markets in order to be closer to its customers. New international offices are scheduled to open in the coming years.