Holding Alain Wilmouth (1)6 833 32038,50%
Amundi PME ISF 2017
(managed by Audacia)
1 909 10010,80%
Audacia ISF Croissance
(managed by Audacia)
1 590 9009,00%
Michel Wilmouth850 0004,80%
Alain Wilmouth846 5274,80%
Audacia (3)100,00%
Public5 713 57332,20%
Total17 743 430100%

Capital Distribution 

(1) Company directly 100% owned by Alain Wilmouth.

(2) Excludes the 2017 ADP buyback option available to Alain Wilmouth Holding from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023. The post-Offer capital distribution table presents this distribution by assimilating the 3,500,000 ADP 2017 to the ordinary shares held by the Holding Alain Wilmouth in accordance with the provisions of 4° of I of article L. 233-9 of the French Commercial Code currently held by Audacia funds and on which Holding Alain Wilmouth has an opinion exercisable from 1 January 2023 until 31 March 2023.

(3) Ten (10) shares held by Audacia as representative of the holders of the ADP 2017 preference shares covered by a share loan signed with Holding Alain Wilmouth. Once its role as representative of holders is completed, Audacia must return the securities lent on first demand.

Holding Alain Wilmouth (1)

Amuni PME ISF 2017 (managed by Audacia)

Audacia ISF Croissance (managed by Audacia)

Michel Wilmouth

Alain Wilmouth

Audacia (3)