Message from Alain Wilmouth,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 2CRSI

Dear Sir, Madame, investors,

My brother and I first founded 2CRSI in Strasbourg and it has become a leading international player in the design, production and sale of ultra high-performance computer servers.

In the age of the Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, our servers provide front-running brands (Free, OVH, Blade, Caltech, CGG, etc.) with the essential computing power needed to drive their growth.

Our technological solutions stand out for their combination of computing power, speed and energy savings. This latter feature is at the core of our DNA: all of our solutions are designed to provide concrete solutions to the economic and ecological challenges faced by our clients. Our latest generation of servers consumes 20% less electricity than equivalent conventional systems. This strong commitment to Green IT gives our clients a major competitive advantage, bearing in mind that energy can account for up to around 40% of their server operating costs.

After an initial public offering in 2018, we reached a new milestone in our expansion last year with the acquisition of UK group Boston Limited, a world reference in the integration, marketing and sale of IT equipment driven by the most advanced technologies on the market. With a salesforce of nearly 60 representatives across more than 40 different countries, Boston Limited generated £89.5 million in consolidated revenue in its 2018-2019 fiscal year. In addition to considerably extending our international reach, this acquisition will unlock substantial business synergies and sizeable economies of scale. As a result of this transaction, we now have 360 employees and our range of innovative solutions (computing, storage and networks) is distributed across more than 45 countries worldwide.

As I am sure you have understood, this operation cements our ambition to become a leading provider of high-performance servers and to create ever more value for our clients, partners, staff and shareholders.

On behalf of the entire 2CRSI team, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your confidence and support.

Alain Wilmouth,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 2CRSI