Message from Alain Wilmouth,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 2CRSI

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Investors,

Created in France, in Strasbourg, with my brother Michel in 2004 to meet the IT needs of customers, 2CRSi has become an international group of reference in the design, production, and marketing of ultra-high performance and energy-efficient computer servers.

In the age of the Cloud, Blockchain and artificial intelligence, our computer servers accompany the biggest names (CGG, LLNL, OVH, Airbus Defence, Dassault Aviation, CEA, CERN etc.) to provide them with the computing power essential for their growth.

After our initial public offering in 2018, we entered a new stage in 2019 in our development with the acquisition of IT companies benefiting from the most advanced technologies in their markets, notably Tranquil IT expert in rugged IT.

In addition to external growth, we have developed our international presence with the stated aim of producing locally, as close as possible to our customers. We now have 4 factories (2 in Europe, 2 in the United States), 11 offices on all continents and just under 160 employees; our innovative solutions (computing, storage, and networking) are now distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

We make the difference with our technological solutions, labeled Solar Impulse Foundation, which are the result of our own R&D and combine power and energy savings. This last characteristic is the heart of our DNA: we have designed all our solutions with the aim of providing concrete answers to our customers’ economic and ecological challenges. Our latest generation of servers reduces power consumption by 40% compared to equivalent traditional systems. This strong commitment to “Green IT” is a major competitive advantage for our customers, whose energy consumption can represent up to 40% of their server operating costs.

After working on high-performance computing without compromising on energy savings, sovereignty and ecological energy management, servers dedicated to Artificial Intelligence are at the heart of our internal and collaborative R&D projects.

As you can see, with these objectives, we are confirming our ambition to become a technological leader in high-performance servers, with the aim of creating ever greater value for our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

On behalf of the entire 2CRSi team, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your confidence and support.

Alain Wilmouth,

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer of 2CRSI