News releases

Document Date
Availability of the 2021-2022 annual financial report 2022/08/10
Availability of the 2021-22 half-year financial report 2021/12/01
Availability of the 2020-2021 Universal Registration Document 2021/07/28
Availability of the 2020-2021 annual financial report 2021/07/02
Final consolidated annual results 2020-21 2021/06/30
Estimated 2020-2021 consolidated annual results 2021/06/15
Postponement of the release of 2020-21 annual results 2021/05/27
Availability of the 2020-2021 annual financial report 2021/01/02
Availability of the half-year financial report 2020/21 2020/12/04
Availability of the 2019/20 Universal Registration Document 2020/08/31
2CRSi appoints Marie de Lauzon as Deputy CEO to support its strong growth 2019/09/02
2CRSi’s ULYS24: the CERN’s preferred storage solution 2019/07/17
2CRSi brings its first contribution to the OCP global Community 2019/06/17
Full-year 2018 results: net income of €3.69M 2019/04/25
2CRSi and VCINITY Announce Joint Partnership 2019/04/23
2018 EBITDA margin rate of 9.4% or €6.1M (estimated financial data) 2019/03/26
2CRSi supports the launch of Gamestream with its very high-performance servers 2019/03/18
2CRSi: collective undertaking to retain listed shares issued by the company 2019/03/14
2018 revenue multiplied by 2.1 to €65M 2019/02/28
2CRSi and “SNB Middle East” announce a distribution agreement 2019/01/21
2CRSi announces its financial calendar for 2019 2019/01/10
2CRSi awarded new contract by oil & gas customer for energy-efficient HPC servers